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Instant Server Recovery and Offsite Data Backup

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• Additional space $1/GB

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Take a moment to consider the impact your business would experience due to a server outage that lasts hours... days... maybe forever.

Could your business still function?

A recent survey by Symantec of small to mid size businesses found that the average outage costs $15,000 per day1. While we could cite lots of scarier "facts" you could find on the Internet about data loss and its cost to business, but we'd rather focus on your specific situation.

What would the outage cost you in terms of lost productivity and/or revenue?

The Lanlogic Server Backup Appliance is a combination of hardware, software and service::

  • Backs up your servers to the hardware appliance in your building

  • Copies this data securely outside of your building

  • Alerts your staff and Lanlogic's team to troubleshoot as required for successful backups

  • Doubles as a fully-functioning server. Meaning, if one of your servers crashes, you can almost instantly recover a snapshot of that server - right on the appliance.

With the Lanlogic Server Backup Appliance, you'll rest easy with the knowledge that your data is securely backed up locally and off-site and know you'll be able to get back to work as quickly as possible when the worst happens.

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1. "Symantec 2009 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey"

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Are you backing up your most important data?
Unlike other online backup services, Lanlogic Desktop Backup will restore your data to a loaner laptop in the event yours is stolen or damaged so you can get back to work faster.

Two years ago, while maintaining our own servers, we suffered from a catastrophic backup failure in our offices, and the Lanlogic team worked straight through to a more successful recovery than could have been expected.

Ever since that time we have happily enrolled their Hosted Services to keep us up and running, as well as fully backed up.

- Kirk, Knight and Company

Offsite Server and Desktop Backup

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