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Try Ring2 Conferencing with Lanlogic and get a price quote today. About Lanlogic

Conference calls don't have to be a hassle. If your organization is wasting time trying to make a free phone conferencing service work, we have a better solution.

Lanlogic found a service that makes phone conferencing easier and we can help you get setup and trained to use this professional service that will make your meetings shine in a matter of minutes, saving you time, close more deals, and communicate more efficiently.

Ring2 is an easy-to-use conference calling system that eliminates the source of a lot of the headaches we've had over the years of trying to manage conference calls with our team and customers.

By using Ring2 with Lanlogic you can improve communication with your team and your customers in a more professional way. Here's how:

  • Set up a call anytime and anywhere. With Ring2, you get your very own bridge. Dial in from any phone to start a call, or use the Ring2 application on your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile phone or a web browser.

  • Call out to your participants. Ring2 lets you dial out from your bridge to get your participants, so you can be sure everyone is in your call when you're ready to get started.

  • Manage the meeting experience. Mute callers with noisy backgrounds, monitor who's missing or has dropped off, and disconnect callers who shouldn't be there.

  • Record your meetings for the folks who can't make it. This can be enabled by the leader if you want to share your meeting information later.

  • Pay as you go. There's no monthly commitment for this service and pricing is competitive with other comparable solutions..

Try Ring2 Conferencing and get a price quote today. About Lanlogic

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