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Phone conferencing challenges

Booking and setting up calls, managing access codes, and setting up calls on behalf of others can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Once a conference starts there are often concerns about visibility, control and security.

Ring2 solves these issues with easy-to-use and innovative features that will improve your conference call experience and make life just a little bit easier for everyone.

  • Start your conference from your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile Phone, a desk phone or from a web browser
  • Manage conference setup and invitations on behalf of someone in your organization
  • See a real-time list of participants as they join or leave the call
  • Remove participants that shouldn't be on the call
  • Add a missing participants right from your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile address book
  • Mute participants with distracting background noise
  • Conference invitation messages include Outlook and Entourage calendar reminders
  • Each user has their own conference bridge, meaning no need to pre-book a conference time
  • Every user receives a personalized conference card with unique leader code and participant code for their conference facility
  • Premium voice quality
  • Record conference calls automatically or only when you choose to do so, downloadable as an MP3 file to share later

Because Ring2 is a pay-as-you-go service, you can try it without having to worry about a lengthy contract.

Try Ring2 Conferencing and get a price quote today. About Lanlogic

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