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Lanlogic partners with Global Relay Communications to offer our customers an industry leading email archiving and compliance solution.

The Global Relay Message Archiver is a system that securely archives and stores email messages for long-term, online access. An authentic copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing electronic data, including email and attachments and any legacy imported email is captured and unified in the Message Archiver for web-based search, retrieval and monitoring.

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Why archive?

Even if you don't have a regulatory or compliance requirement in your organization, email archiving makes a lot of sense.

It's your IT department's best friend. Your company will never lose messages again. It's a fool-proof backup and automated disaster recovery tool, alleviating the heavy burden on your IT personnel.

It's a smart investment. As an outsourced solution, just plug in the Message Archiver. You will eliminate expenses related to growing internal email storage. No software, hardware or programming is required.

It puts control back in your hands. Don't depend on disparate backup and storage systems, or the discretionary storage practices of employees to retain email in their personal folders. The Message Archiver provides centralized storage for your company's messages and attachments.

It lets your office managers shine. The Message Archiver keeps your company organized, boosts efficiency, and enables collaboration. By using "best practices" procedures and safeguards, it helps enforce internal supervisory controls against inadequate data management practices.

It recovers messages instantly. The Message Archiver's advanced but simple, search and retrieval system provides rapid recovery of all email, attachments, indexes, IM and audit trails, even if the original has been deleted.

It provides ultimate employee mobility. All Users may rapidly view, retrieve, organize, reply to, forward, print or download any of their current or historical email anytime/anywhere through any secure web browser, and even create new mail.

It records "who said what when". By preserving a permanent copy of every incoming, internal and outgoing email, attachment and IM, the Message Archiver provides you with an indisputable chronological record to help safeguard you in the event of customer, supplier or employee issues, errors or allegations.

It's a document versioning dream. By nature, the Message Archiver provides you with a record of what versions, of which documents, were distributed to whom, and when.

It secures your information. Customer information is encrypted and securely protected ensuring that privacy, confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations are upheld.

It provides you with a legal tool. Email and IM can be legally admissible as evidence in a lawsuit. The Message Archiver enables you to produce evidentiary-quality email records with full audit trails on email history.

It improves message content & workforce productivity. With real time company-wide monitoring capabilities, it enables detection of inappropriate email and IM content that violates your company's policies or legislation. A side benefit is the measurable improvement in employee productivity and decrease of email and IM for personal use!

It builds confidence & mitigates risks. Mismanaging critical customer or supplier electronic information puts your professional reputation in jeopardy and undermines stakeholder confidence. The Message Archiver is your proactive risk management solution.

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